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Below are some of the more common questions we're often asked about Silva Bed horse bedding...

General Questions

The smallest pallet size available to order is a half pallet of 25 bags.

Silva Crumb bags are circa 18kgs or just over. We market as 18kg for pallet weights.

You can purchase the wood pellets in the following quantities:

Full Pallet = 55 Bags 990kg
Light Pallet = 40 Bags 720kg
Half Pallet = 25 Bags 450kg

A full pallet of wood pellets will weigh 990kg.

The height of a full pallet is c.1.5 meters.

Yes, the bags can be stored outside but it is advisable to cover over the top of the pallet(s) with a sheet to prevent spoilage. Pallets are shrink wrapped as a minimum. 

Yes, the plastic bags are easily recyclable as made from LDPE04 plastic and typically can go in with your kerbside recycling for collection by your local authority.


Wood pellets have been sold in the UK for many years now and are simply a compressed form of wood biomass around 6mm in diameter and up to 25mm in length.

The majority of the UK wood pellet market is sold for fuel burning as a low-carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels and typically these pellets are EN Plus A1 Compliant. These pellets are usually made from a variety of wood sources hard and soft wood including wood from mixed species, sawdust, wood chip, logs and waste wood. Pellets intended for this market are sold at 5% VAT and it is illegal to sell them for horse bedding.

Silva bed pellets branded as Silva Crumb are made from virgin pine timber only, which is a natural by-product of the timber industry. The wood is kiln-dried, dust extracted, and screened in a controlled environment before being pelletised and bagged. Nothing else is added to the pellets.


Wood pellets are unpalatable and even the greediest horse or pony will not want to eat them.


Delivery Questions

Delivery lorries can range from a 7.5t Rigid to a 26t Artic. If there are specific requirements regarding weight limits or access this must be advised at the time of ordering so that the appropriate sized lorry can be used.

Orders under 5 pallets will normally be delivered on a rigid lorry. Ten plus pallets will require larger vehicles, up to artic size.

Delivery notification updates will be sent to you automatically by the haulage company. Please include your mobile contact number and email in the checkout. 

Deliveries are usually between 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

You will be notified automatically by the haulage company of your delivery schedule. 

Sometimes deliveries are delayed due to the weather, local traffic issues and circumstances beyond the driver’s control. If your delivery does get delayed it will be upgraded for delivery the next business day, usually morning.

It is preferred for someone to be on-site when the delivery is made in order to put the pallets in a safe location and to check over the goods. Pallets can be delivered and left unsigned for if you have given your permission first.




Yes we can, all of our deliveries are made using our distribution partners.

Delivery will be to a ground level kerbside or flat hard standing within a yard that a lorry can access. Pallets cannot be unloaded onto gravel, soft ground or grass.


Payment Questions

We take payment upon ordering via the checkout on the website. We accept all major credit and debit cards. All of our payments are secure and are via Barclay’s payment gateway, this is the easiest way for you and the preferred method of payment.

We can take orders over the phone if required but prefer to direct all traffic through the secure website.


VAT is chargeable at 20% and this has been included in the prices quoted.


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