About us

Your Horse - Our Passion

Silva Bed is a new and exciting family owned business focusing on supplying quality equine wood pellet bedding “Silva Crumb” to the whole of the UK mainland. We are not retailers of wood fuel pellets or affiliated to any energy business, we are purely interested in the best quality bedding for your horse and pony.

As equine enthusiasts and owners we understand the importance of quality and consistent products that we come to rely on a daily basis. Bedding is integral to the management of a stable or yard environment with horses and ponies spending many hours inside. Consequently the right bedding choice is vital and needs to be very low dust, absorbent, economical and easy to use, which our products are.

The sourcing of raw materials is key for us and we use specific timbers as the starting point for our products. The white softwood pine used is a natural by-product of the timber industry which is transformed from virgin timber through exacting manufacturing processes into our pellets.

Our easy to use website is backed up by two regional warehousing and distribution partners to bring a national delivery service that’s seamless and personal whether ordering online or by telephone, delivering your products to your store, stable or yard

These key principles enable Silva Bed to bring advancements in bedding quality from selected pine softwood to all who seek the best for their horse and pony.

Try Silva Crumb – Pine Bedding Pellets, you will be amazed by the quality  and performance of our bedding.