A Great Start!

Silva Bed may well be relatively new to the market, but is already gaining fans!

Here are some of the genuine testimonials from our customers:

Horse on pellet bedding

We have used wood pellets as bedding for our horses for a number of years. With 6 living in over the winter, we need bedding that is readily available, quick and easy to skip out, cost effective, and not dusty.
When costs went through the roof in the autumn, closely followed by everywhere being out of stock, we were starting to panic when we stumbled across Silva Bed.

New to the market, we were a little apprehensive to make a purchase as the quality of the various brands tried over the years has varied greatly (and we’re really fussy!).

We needn’t have worried! The Silva Bed pellets are great quality, absorbent, smell wonderful when laid and make a really great bed. 5 months in, we’re so pleased with our discovery!

A number of our horses are really heavy on bedding, but we find the slightly larger bags work really well for us, they seem to be the perfect amount per bag. They are quick and easy to skip out, saving precious time before work and result in minimal wastage. 

Debussy has navicular and very delicate feet and he was really struggling on straw which wasn’t absorbing the urine, resulting in soft and sensitive soles. Silva Bed pellets keep his feet nicely dry and provide the necessary support to help keep him comfortably sound. 

Lola inhales straw and being a “good doer” needs non edible bedding. She also has intermittent colitis/fws and the pellets just absorb and allow easy disposal of any soiled patches.

Lara M

img 8086 - Silva Bed

This is Valentine - She is a 20 year old Dutch Warmblood, who after a successful dressage career, now enjoys hacking around the local area with her owner Vicky.  Valentine is stabled at night and ‘Silver Crumb’ is the bedding of choice from Silvabed. 

“Vali has had so suspensory ligament inflammation in the past so I have always liked to give her support when stabled. She is also not a particularly clean mare so Silva Bed gives the stability under hoof as I find it really moulds together making mucking out so easy!

Selfishly, being a busy mum of two children and not always having loads of time at the yard, this bedding means I can be skipped out and sorted, without smelling like a muck heap, ready to leave the yard when the children get bored of entertaining themselves! 

Fully worth the investment over the winter months as this bedding is win win for everyone!

Vicky R

We have been using Silva Bed for several months now.  It's easy to establish the original bed, which by the way smells divine, it absorbs the wet and smells from our very very wet mare easily. We take out the worst of the wet and replace it with just the pellets so they last a bit longer.  We do this once every 5 or so days. For our other horse, we mix with shavings for a slightly deeper bed. Stores easily in compact bags.  Cleaning out takes much less time than before and the bedding lasts. 

It definitely absorbs more ammonia smells than other bedding I have used in the past which is good. This bed is not dusty at all.

Really good product....would recommend it either on its own or as a base with other bedding types.

Susie C

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